Boston Hospitality Courses:


Effective Professional Career and Personal Development is a key factor to the success of any Organization and managers. Often, people have not learned how to supervise and lead in an effective manner because they did not receive any training or skill development.
The objective of this programs is to provide uniform, professional career development training, delivered by Boston Hospitality service providers, to organizations/professional managers who are presently in various levels in the hospitality management hierarchy to help them become better managers and supervisors.

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The scope of the courses are to enhance the Staff Development and Management Courses Skills of leaders by addressing relevant areas of career development and personal management skills. It is not intended as a substitute to a long-term academic program.


The program is intended for a wide spectrum of lower to middle level managers, particularly for those who have not had previous exposure to such training.


Boston Consultancy is uniquely situated to provide HR solutions, guidance, advice and support to hospitality organizations as an outsourced partner. Boston has expertise in Training & Development, Talent Management, and other Human Capital program solutions to meet their strategic objectives and ongoing operational needs of your organizations and are flexible enough to run customized programs. Boston has:

  • HR experience and technical Knowledge
  • access to international knowledge networks like CIPD,CIM and ILM
  • Customer relationships and understanding of business and operational needs.


We can deliver these propositions online or offline
We can run these as away programs or within the organization customized. It can be short term or ongoing with modules broken down into modules.


Nominations of participants to attend the program will be made by the client. These nominations should be forwarded by email to Boston or on our website.

We Offer Courses


Accountingand Finance

Financial Analysis

5 days

Costing for Pricing and Profitability

5 days

Statutory Audit Process

5 days

Sales and Marketing

Principles of  Hospitality Marketing

3 days

Customer Awareness Course

Introduction to Sales Marketing Course

4 days

Fundamentals of Hospitality Customer Services Course

5 days

Management and Operational Excellence

Strategic Decision Making for Leaders

3 days

Managing for Results

5 days

Effective Supervision

3 days

Operational Excellence Course in Hotel Management

2 days

Goals Setting and PerformanceAppraisal Management

3 days

Essentials of Customer Services

2 days

Problem Solving and Decision Making

2 days

Coaching for Business

3 days

Train the Trainers

2 days

The fee for the above courses is $900 per diem plus travel, accommodation and expenses

If training outside Bahrain.